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  • Lowest Margins - Currency future require 5-10% margins. For E.g. one lot of USD worth Rs.45000 (1000 USD) would have an approximate margin of Rs. 2000 only i.e. 4.5 TO 5% of contract value, against the cost of the actual contract value.
  • Extended Trading Hours - Currency market opens on 10.00am and closes on 5pm. So you can get benefits of extended trading hours.
  • Easy Access - Currency trading uses a similar trading platform as that of shares.
  • Diversified Risk - Investor can hedge their portfolio by investing in currencies like USD,EURO,POUND & YEN.
  • Global Opportunity -Currency prices traded on Exchanges has international price benchmarking which does not allow anyone to manipulate prices.
  • Actual possession not required - Trader trading in currencies need not to actually buy any currency.Every transaction is settle in Indian rupee.
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